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Travel anywhere with the best and most affordable vans for hire.

Vans for individuals, corporate logistics, staff transport, brand promotions and vans for product activation.

With a huge collection of all types of vans for hire, we are best suited to provide you with vans for hire for any form of travel or logistic. Hire a van for safari, wedding, dowry, corporate event, road trip, school transport etc.

Vans for hire tailored to your specific needs

We are the most affordable van hire company that provides all types of vans. We have 14 seater economy vans, 11 seater shuttle vans, 10 seater vans, 9 seater tour vans as well as 8 seater executive vans. We also customize seating arrangements on request.

Most Affordable Vans for Hire

Princedrive offers the best vans for hire in Kenya at the lowest cost. Our vans for hire are the lowest priced yet we deliver highest quality service. Use our van hire calculator to estimate our prices or contact us to get a quote for long term hire.

Vans for all Destinations

Travel anywhere in Kenya with our vans for hire. Our drivers are highly experienced and will take you to any destination in Kenya. We also provide 4wd raised vans for offroad terrain.

NTSA Compliant Vans for Hire

Road safety is our topmost priority. All our vans are fully NTSA compliant and adequately insured to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and uninterrupted travel.

Vast Experience in Van Hire Industry

Take advantage of our vast experience in Van Hire Industry. We understand the various travel, itinerary, commute and vehicle booking challenges and thus we are best suited to offer you the best van hire service.

Safe & Secure Payment

Princedrive provides flexible, safe and secure payment options. We offer cash, cheque, mobile money, bank transfers, and online money transfer options to make your payment experience easy.

24/7 Customer Support

Enjoy a dedicated customer care support any time by contacting us on 0725400700, 0720022022. Email us on or chat with us on facebook.

Hire Vans for corporate logistics

Because we have vast experience, passionate, and adequately equipped, we are the best suited to handle all your corporate commute logistics. We provide chauffeured vans of all sitting capacities for corporate to enable you handle your core business.  Our core business is vans for hire.

Vans for tours and safaris

Princedrive is the number one choice for tour and safari operators. We provide vans for hire to tour companies, individual tour operators, and safari event organizers. Boost your business by extending our low van hire prices to your customers.

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to be Kenya's number one provider of the best vans for hire at most competitive rates.

1. Vans for Corporate Logistics

We seek to give hugest discounts to corporate clients for long term hire/lease while providing highest quality van hire service at the same time.

2. Vans for Tour Operators

To partner with tour operators by providing them with high quality affordable tour vans for both foreign and domestic tourism.

3. Vans for Single Day Hire

To be the first choice for single day or short term van hire for events such as weddings, family events, road trips, etc anywhere in Kenya.

4. Vans for Transfers

We seek to be top choice for all types of transfers by providing low cost, efficient, local transfers.

Hire Vans for all occassions

We provide custom hire vans according to your taste. We have official modest looking vans as well as highly pimped sportish vans. Our vans have USB ports where you can play your favourite music tracks.

Vans with Custom Seat Setting

Choose from a wide variety of seating capacities. We have 8 seater luxury vans, 9 seater tour vans, 11 seaters, and 14 seaters. You can choose seating capacity depending on your travel needs, and budget.

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